Frustrating Japan Moments

Inside the Club in Osaka
Inside the Club in Osaka

The clubs in Japan are “CRAZY! (though to be fair, this was my first time in a club). Last weekend, a group of friends and I decided to go clubbing in Osaka.  The club had great music, tons of people, secure lockers to put personal belongings in, and it was a “great” time, for a while at least.  It was conveniently open from 7pm- 5am so that train takers can get out of the club when it closes and catch the train back home.  Smart, eh?  My group and I got there at around midnight and the party was already in full gear.   There were a lot of things that I anticipated because this was a club, but I was also very surprised and angry at my observations of the behaviors of those around me.  Even though I have not gone clubbing in America, I believe that American girls would never tolerate unwanted attention and touching. Not just that, but their friends would not tolerate it and would back them up when they find themselves in a bad situation…however, this is not the case so much in Japan. 

Before leaving for the clubs, a discussion of FYI’s were held so that the girls could keep themselves safe and get away from a situation they didn’t want to be stuck in.  The discussion was necessary even though they were common sense things.  This discussion was also just among the Gaijin students because we were meeting up with the Japanese friends at the train station.  However, now that I reflect back on my experience, this was a discussion that should have happened with all the goers in presence. 


As the night progressed and more people continue to enter the club, people of course, got crazier and crazier.  This was of no surprise to me because again, we were in a club.  What surprised me was the fact that Japanese girls are reluctant or will not do anything about guys randomly grabbing them, dancing with them sexually or disrespectfully.  I don’t care if we were in a club, there’s no touching and grabbing without permission.  There were a few situations where the Japanese girls would just watch as their friends get pulled in by random old, drunk, and crazy guys.  I could tell by the look on their faces that they didn’t want their friends to be in that situation and that their friend did NOT want to be in that situation, yet they would only continue to just dance and stared as if they were helpless to help the situation.  The Kaijin students, as soon as we realized anyone in our group was stuck in bad situation, would immediately take action and help them.  As morning drew closer, this continued to be the same result of the Japanese students when their friends were in trouble.  It made me really mad and frustrated because I would never allow a friend of mine, drunk or sober, to be touched and manipulated.  I just wanted to scream at those girls and say “are you blind, do you not see that she needs your help?”  We were at the club until it closed at 5am, but for the last two hours, I spent it looking at the times wishing it would move faster and rescuing “helpless” Japanese girls. 


The girls weren’t as bad as the guys.  1st, the club allowed 50+ old men in.  Not just that, but one could clearly tell that they are there to prey on young “helpless” Japanese girls.  I had one of these old farts follow me around.  I know that he followed me around because when I realized he was dancing too close to me and decided to move, but he followed me. When I realized he followed me, I moved again just to make sure.  I must have moved five times just to get away from him and I only got away because my clubbing crew saved me.  2nd, drunk Japanese men randomly grab you when you walk by really hard and you literally have to take your hands and physically it off yours!! This is from firsthand experience.  3rd, when a Japanese guy at the club comes and talk to you or wants your attention, they grab before they talk.  This is also from firsthand experience, and it’s not just from one encounter.  4th, from my experience, the friends of the drunk guys who grab you who are sober will not help you, instead they just watch as well.


Now that I reflect back on my experience and having told everyone who asked me how clubbing went about my frustration, I can’t help but wonder if these girls were not as helpless as we Americans think they are.  This was not there first time in a club, as a matter of fact; one of these girls is a regular at this club.  They’ve been just fine by themselves.  I wonder if they actually act like this because that’s just the way it is.  Maybe this is how they do it in Japan.  I don’t regret helping, but I wonder if I was the weird one for saying no and getting angry when a guy tried to pull me to dance with him.  Maybe this is just from one club experience.  Maybe this was the wrong club to go to.  As I stated before, I concluded these opinions from one experience, but multiple encounters with different individuals.


Bao and Friend- Red Boxes In Back Are Lockers

Bao and Friend- Red Boxes In Back Are Lockers


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